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Design Services

“Any home or business renovation can be intimidating and even overwhelming at times. It is my goal to make the design process as enjoyable, exciting and valuable as possible.

Lily-Max Designs can assist you as much – or as little – as you need. Before you tackle that project on your own, think about hiring a professional designer to guide you on the path from inception to fabulous reality.

CHOOSING COLOR (INTERIOR / EXTERIOR)  – One of the most simple and economical ways to update your home or business is by updating the color palette. Yet choosing the right colors can be a daunting task for some. Let Lily-Max Designs help you select a palette that reflects your tastes, complements the items that are special to you, and gives you the overall look and feel you desire.

INTERIOR DESIGN, REDESIGN, SPACE PLANNING & ORGANIZATION – Have a space that just doesn’t work? Want to repurpose it into something more useful? Creating a new space? Is clutter overwhelming you? Let us help you get the space that you desire by starting with an initial consultation to assess your needs, goals, vision and budget, as well as determine the scope of your project.

E-DESIGN -  This is an affordable alternative to traditional interior design services. We will correspond via e-mail, phone, etc. to create a custom room design that is uniquely yours. Perfect option for those not located in the PNW area. There are several levels/packages for this type of service. Feel free to email for further information.

MATERIALS & FINISHES SELECTION– Are you thinking about making some changes or updating your furniture, fixtures, flooring or more? Lily-Max Designs can assist you in choosing items that reflect your style, the architecture of your home, and the overall feeling you desire your home to convey. The best news is – the savings are passed on to you. Lily-Max Designs will never upsell or take a cut on any materials or furnishings recommended. Our price is your price.

REDUCE & REUSE CONCEPTS – I am a firm believer in using what you have when you can, regardless of your budget. The key is to reuse it in such a way that it is unrecognizable and even more remarkable when repurposed. In the event that we determine an item cannot be reused, it is important not to be wasteful or just discard them. Clients are encouraged to donate their unused items to a worthy cause, such as Habitat for Humanity, Arc of Washington, or any other local charitable organization of their choosing.

REAL ESTATE STAGING / IMPROVEMENTS – Thinking about selling your home? In today’s market, it is more important than ever that your home stand out above the rest. Let us help you assess the changes that need to be made to make your home the best that it can be. Lily-Max Designs can help you organize, de-clutter, update finishes, rework existing furniture layout, and accessorize to make your home sale ready.

SMALL BUSINESS – Thinking of starting a new business or revamping an old one? You have come to the right place. We can help you with incorporating a cohesive design, overall appearance, curb appeal, marketing and social networking and more.

CUSTOM CHILDREN’S ROOMS & NURSERIES – Want something truly special and one of a kind? We can help you obtain the room of your dreams, or theirs. The possibilities are as endless as our imagination.

VACATION HOMES & COTTAGES – Do you have a vacation home or cottage that you would like to make more livable, warm and inviting? Let us help you create the vacation home of your dreams.

Design Service Rate is $75/hour.

Initial Consultations are $150 in Whatcom County (up to 2 hours).

Design fees can be charged hourly or a mutually agreed upon flat rate per project.

Please call or email to set up an appointment or inquire about the services listed above.