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We love our clients! Here’s just a few of the things they are saying about Lily-Max Designs…

Iain Buchanan – General Manager, Birch Bay Waterslides, Blaine, WA  

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the transformation and rejuvenation you gave to the sales offices at the Birch Bay Waterslides. As you know, I consider myself to be of non-artistic mind and overly budget conscience. You achieved for me something that I didn’t conceive possible. Your creativity and skills surpassed my expectations by taking a boring and dull, underutilized space and transforming it into an appealing and functional business setting. The number of comments I have received since I finally ‘set you free’ to do what you do best has been astounding. I truly appreciate your honesty and candidness throughout the entire process and further appreciate your approach in understanding my budget constraints. You went above and beyond the usual and expected. Your vision, inspiration, and use of resources have created a pleasant atmosphere to conduct business and entertain clients. I thoroughly look forward to working with you again and would be proud to refer you to my friends, family, and customer base. Thanks for everything. I look forward to starting our next ‘project’ together.



Stephanie & Michael – Boston, MA

Kathleen’s creativity, amazing vision, love for what she does and high level of professionalism are why we would not use ANYBODY else when we have a house project that involves interior design. She is incredibly accessible, organized, efficient and able to work within a reasonable budget. Our home has never looked better and it is all due to Kathleen’s talent for transformation, eye for color and ability to create warm, welcoming spaces.

 She truly is gifted at what she does and we feel so fortunate to have had her guidance over the past 12 years in making our house a home that reflects our tastes and style.


Amy & Mike – Lynden, WA

Kathleen made our house clean, organized and personal and did it on our thin dime. I jokingly referred to her as the “MacGyver of home decorating”. She always has a creative use for something in her back pocket or an alternative plan. We had no idea that we had so many items that could be reused or situated differently in our home. Our original goal was to stage for selling. We were at a point we needed flooring, paint and counters and wanted a trained eye to help us select colors and help give ideas on arrangement. As this was for staging we wanted to invest as little as possible. What she gave us was so much more than that. The nursery is perfect for our little girl, but neutral enough that a buyer may consider it a guest room for an adult, or classy enough for a teen. The curtains were saved by adding on a little fabric. Kathleen gave us instruction on putting out some decorative tiles, putting up special molding and decorative tiles, etc. We felt empowered and supported launching on those projects that are new to us. We had old dark walnut, shellacked, ugly cabinets from an era decades ago. We had tried painting them once and it never turned out well. We left them an awful bleed through white. Kathleen found us a good paint that required little prep. I never dreamed those cabinets could be saved but with new paint and new knobs they not only ‘work’ they ‘shine’. Kathleen was kind with our schedule and great with our children who were often underfoot. Every time shevisited she brought her high energy and new ideas. We’d be newly enthused after catching her vision for our place. What a difference in our fireplace just by taking down the mantle and putting up a mirror. She worked with the ugly bathroom flooring not in the budget to replace and stained an existing cabinet darker to keep it. She found some old cabinet pieces, and a new countertop piece and instructed us how to put it together. We have a whole new kitchen island that cost less than $100! It’s an asset to me and will certainly help *IF* we end up selling.


Garrett O’Brien – Volonta Corporation, Bellingham, WA

We (Volonta Corporation) are a general contractor and work with many design professionals, we recently completed a residential remodel in Blaine, Washington and worked with Lily-Max Designs for the first time. Kathleen was a wonderful asset to the project, she was extremely responsive and found creative ways to balance quality and budget. We would be pleased to work with Lily-Max Designs on future projects.


Katie & Greg – Blaine, WA

I cannot begin to put into words how grateful I am for Kathleen.  We experienced a flood at our home and almost everything inside needed to be redone.  Kathleen was literally a life saver for me.  I have a full time job, and 3 busy kids (and no sense of design style!) and a complete home remodel was not something I could handle.  Kathleen provided suburb direction on colors, finishes, and material… She is not only knowledgeable and detail orientated, but she was comforting and kind as well.  She held my hand through all the decisions and managed our entire project.  Our contractor has been so impressed with her that he called me to rave about her services as well.  He said that she is very detailed, thorough and has selected excellent colors and finishes on a very limited budget.  When we came home that night and found water cascading through our ceiling, I had no idea of what we were in store for.  I can’t say enough how glad I am that we were able to utilize Lily-Max Designs to design and manage our project.  Her knowledge and personal touch can’t be matched. I will forever be grateful!


Kevin –  Bellingham, WA

I am in the process of redecorating my home and had no idea or vision of what I wanted. I met with Kathleen of Lily-Max Design to discuss changes to the dining room, and she asked me if there were specific changes I wanted or did not want and how much money I had budgeted for the project. Kathleen of Lily-Max Design met with the individual who I had do the painting and wood work, and I left for Alaska leaving everything in Lily-Max Design’s hands. 

When I returned home a couple of weeks later and walked into my dining room, I was amazed at the transformation. The changes Lily-Max Designs made with regards color choices, curtains, furniture and right down to pictures that captured my life’s interest was spot on and I could not be happier. 

I have to admit that I lean in the direction of wanting control, and I was very apprehensive about leaving this in the hands of Lily -Max Designs. I am excited to see what vision and ideas Kathleen of Lily-Max Designs has for me with regards to my living room. 

In addition, Lily-Max Designs has shared ideas and changes I could make to my kitchen. Lily-Max Designs not only kept the project with in budget, but Kathleen designed changes adding class and beauty to the room and value to my home.

Tammy & Dennis – BLily Max Design Interior Design 2ellingham, WA

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on Savannah’s bedroom. I am still amazed that you created this design around a favorite chair and knowing that she wanted, “Chocolate” walls. I am so impressed with how you shopped for each unique piece and saved us money on your unique garage/consignment finds. I keep asking her when she is going to spend the weekend away just so I can spend the night in her room. I so appreciate your intuition about incorporating some special art pieces as well; the one she did and then the gift from her cousin Mia.

The fact that you considered Savannah’s brain stimulation issues as well as her need to feel “snuggled” meant so much to us. You truly created that “hugged” feeling with the ceiling cornice and the drapes on each side of the bed. The closet is perfect; simple and not overwhelming. So glad you were able to repurpose the headboard and armoire that we already had and just recommended painting them…that truly saved us a bunch as well. Because you recommended that, even her necessities are kept out of sight, being stored in baskets, bins, etc. Having no toys in the room has been helpful to her condition as well. It has helped her with her concentration challenges immensely. You cannot imagine what that has done for her. Our mornings are so much smoother and she is able to get dressed by herself now with little direction from me. I will typically lay out her clothes in the morning, and she is able to stay on task and usually be dressed within 10-15 minutes. Before it took 30-45 minutes, as she couldn’t stay focused on the task at hand.

I am so happy to report that Savannah is now sleeping through the night and I am getting more rest too. Not only does her room look beautiful, it serves a purpose for a little sweetheart with special needs. Furthermore, this design satisfied Savannah’s desire for a jungle theme, yet will carry her well into her teenage years too. One of the best rewards of all for me was the morning following a few days of sleeping in her new room, Savannah hugged me and said “Mom, thank you so much for my new room. I feel so much better in it, there was just way too much stuff in my old room”.

When can you do our master bedroom? Thank you so much Kathleen….We look forward to hiring you and working with you on our next design plan.


Thereasa – Bellingham, WA

Kathleen has transformed three of the rooms in my house now. We have redecorated, reorganized, and actually transformed my daughter’s rooms. They are beautiful and functional at the same time. Kathleen noticed right away that they needed organization; a place to put everything from sports bags to books to electronics. She worked with my budget and found some awesome furniture to fit their needs. It was amazing watching her transform something that looked like one person’s junk into a beautiful, envied, piece of furniture.

I am amazed at the details of Kathleen’s work. She can see it finished before it is even started. Her style is complete with details and creativity that speaks far from average.

So the weekend after Thanksgiving I decided I couldn’t live with the bathroom. I was hosting Christmas dinner and my bathroom vanity looked like something that came out of a college rental. I had wanted to redo the bathroom for quite a while, but for whatever reason I decided it had to be right now.

Of course, getting a new vanity also meant a new paint job, new medicine cabinet and light fixtures too. I called Kathleen and explained my time lines; she met me at the paint store that same evening. She helped me pick out everything from paint to rods to curtains. It was amazing; she saved me so much time and energy. We were in and out of the store in two hours. I had everything I needed to complete my project. And most importantly, I was confident that it was all going to work together.

Kathleen’s work shows her passion. She is fun to work with and full of energy. She is just as excited about my projects as I am, maybe even more! We have so much fun it doesn’t feel like work. I am excited to finish the rest of my house; I am doing it one room at a time…

Thank You, Kathleen!


Ann Brinitzer, LMP – Bellingham, WA

I have been delighted with my massage office remodel and could not have done it without your expertise! After being in business for 11 years, when I decided that I wanted to update the look of my office to more reflect what I am about, I did not know how to begin. Your guidance and ability to tie different elements together (not to mention convincing my husband to build custom cabinetry and install crown moulding!) are amazing. I love being in my space! It efficiently fulfills all of my work needs, is cozy, nurturing, easy to keep in order, yet still professional. My clients love it as well – many have commented that they would love it if they could stay and take a nap after their massage.

Thank you, Kathleen!



Melodie – Owner/Esthetician – Jeunesse By the Bay, Birch Bay, WA

Oh, my goodness! Is there anything you can’t do???! Thank you so much for helping me with so many of my design needs. Where do I begin?! First of all, your eye for color and detail is a true gift. along with your ability to visualize the final project. Your talent of reusing and/or refurbishing some of the items I already had or reworking other items, while incorporating items that are special/sentimental, is completely amazing and very much appreciated these days. I’ve seen you do this so many times and for so many people. I completely trust your judgment and vision.

I love the calming and tranquil atmosphere you created for my in-home skin care studio. My clients love it here! Your attention to detail and your ability to capture what I needed to make my work space a comfortable and functional environment for me to be in has been so appreciated. Your suggestion to change my carpet for hardwood (laminate) flooring was a great move. It adds a warmth to the room, yet it serves a purpose. The room functions so much better. I can move my equipment as well as myself with the utmost of ease. I love the custom artwork and unique coastal accessories. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Everything you have done for me, from designing my business cards and studio, to home decor, to creating a personalized theme for my daughter’s wedding – which captured the couple to a tee – everything has been a work of art and beauty with a very classy flair. You have been my best kept secret, but I guess now I’ll have to share you with the world!





Katie & Chris – Bellingham, WA

Our wedding day was amazing thanks to Kathleen’s attention to detail and unbelievable creative ability! Kathleen is an expert in everything from budgeting to decorating to floral design. She added so many beautiful touches which tied together our “damask” theme. Most important of all, she put our frazzled minds at ease by calmly strategizing solutions to last-minute problems we encountered (such as locating a separate venue for our ceremony). While most would recollect the planning of their wedding as something stressful, we are able to remember ours with joy and lightheartedness thanks to Kathleen’s ability to anticipate problems before they occurred.

We are so thankful for everything that Kathleen did to produce our dream wedding AND allow us to enjoy it at the same time. We would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her to everyone we know.







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